Party Time

Well, you might know that Tiziana got married this year, but she never got around to have a proper celebration with friends, so she decided to have a great yard party. It was a lovely day, perfect to celebrate married life and welcoming the fall, and a weather that is still treating us with warm and sunny days.

Of course a lot of preparation went in the making of the food. In pure DueOlive style, Tizy created a spread of delicious creative Italian-inspired dishes, where everyone could find something – or everything – to enjoy.Tomato, mozzarella and basil: the Caprese salad

The food table greeted the guests with a wonderful Insalata Caprese, the colors of the Italian flag and the tastes of a sunny day in Napoli; a few friends also brought appetizers: Franco made pizza – 4 different kinds, among which my personal favorite was the potato and bacon pizza (yum!) – and I made a huge bowl of Tuscan bean dip, cannellini beans blended with garlic, oil, a bit of red wine and some red hot pepper, to enjoy with veggie sticks and crackers. A  couple of  baskets of fresh bread with a bowl of dipping oil, salt and pepper completed the welcoming committee.

Then the more “serious” food started coming, out from the ever-opening door from the kitchen to the yard, each time bringing new and delicious delicacies; there was a fabulous Meat Lasagna, prepared in the Neapolitan way, with ricotta cheese, sausage and grated cheese,  a Meatless Lasagna for the vegetarians (but the non vegetarians put a good dent in it too), with a lovely tomato sauce and ricotta cheese and topped with grated Parmigiano. But the most genius for me was the Vegetable Lasagna: Tizy grilled slices of eggplant and zucchini and layered them with Provola cheese and a thick and delicious Béchamel sauce, perfumed as tradition dictates with a hint of nutmeg; it was outstanding! Then ribs and drumsticks marinated in apple juice, maple syrup and spices, and baked long and slow, gave the meat lovers an extra kick – and the few dogs received a couple of rib bones to nibble on, too!traditional tiramisu'

And then desserts: Tizy’s fantastic Torta Caprese – a delicious flourless almond and chocolate cake – and my special Tiramisu`, which, I think because of all the love in the air, came out extra delicious!

And fruit salad to wash it all down and sangria to drink throughout the day….

What a great party!!!!

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